All work is carried out in accordance with gas safety installations and use regulations (1998 GSIUR). The installation will comply with Building Regulations (2005). Where required, on completion The Boiler Doctor will issue the relevant certification and inform your local building control office of the nature and extent of the works carried out.


The Boiler Doctor guarantees all completed works for a period of 12 months from the date on the invoice, provided that the work is not altered or interfered with in any way (including third party repairs). Materials and components are subject to the manufacturers warranty.


Water may need to be turned off in order to carry out work on the day we will not leave you overnight
without a water supply. Gas may need to be switched off in order to carry out work and tested, any existing appliances deemed at risk will be capped off with a warning label attached. In order to run new pipes the contractor may need to open channels in the ceilings and walls, we will fill these channels with a bonding coat only.

Any emergency work will not be patched unless a return visit is requested to repair the damage (this is chargeable)
The above may not apply to every project and your plumber/ heating engineer will advise you on the


The Boiler Doctor will look after your property as if it was their own but from time to time and due to different reasons i.e age of the property and the type of work being carried out; it is possible that some slight damage may be inevitable, such as cracking or breaking of dried floorboards and carpets not being refitted tightly. We cannot be held responsible for repairs to such damage.


The Boiler Doctor will require the payment of a deposit on jobs that exceed the value of £400.00 prior to booking works into their schedule of works. The deposit required is to cover the cost of materials and this amount can vary dependent on what works are to be carried out I.e. a boiler installation material amount will be higher than a bathroom installation material amount, this will always be made 100% clear on quotation of the project.

The remaining balance will be due on completion of works. All payments are to be made within seven days of completion. Larger projects may require interim payments but this will always be agreed on quotation. The Boiler Doctor accepts most methods of payment including BACS, Cards ,Cheque and cash. All materials including fittings, pipe and other components remain the property of The Boiler Doctor until full and final payment is made.


  1. Additional works (that has bot been quoted for) will be subject to charges at our normal rate of £85
    per hour.
  2. All fittings remain the property of The Boiler Doctor until final payment has been made.
  3. All fittings and components provided by The Boiler Doctor will be to the correct British
    standard and a high quality.
  4. Where making good is necessary, The Boiler Doctor will make good to a bonding coat finish only. This will require a smooth coat once dry, unless stated in the (disruption section). Where emergency work has been carried out it’s not our responsibility to repair damage made to repair the require I.e. a hole made in a ceiling to repair leaking pipe.
  5. The Boiler Doctor will provide materials and labour unless otherwise stated. We will only guarantee boilers supplied by us, with bathroom installation there is various different options which can be discussed on quotation.
  6. The Boiler Doctor will have access to the property on the days specified on acceptance of the quote. The job duration may increase / decrease due to different circumstances and we expect you to accommodate this.
  7. The Boiler Doctor will not be responsible for waste removal.
  8. Occupants will need to ensure that the floor spaces of all rooms are clear Where work will need to commence you will be made aware on quotation. Any delays due to unclear spaces will result in additional charges.
  9. Certificates will be issued when full balance is paid.
  10. Parking permits are to be provided where required, otherwise parking costs will be added to the
    final invoice.

Errors and omissions excepted.