Simple & Transparent Pricing for all your Plumbing and Heating requirements in Acomb, York.

Here at The Boiler Doctor, I believe in transparency. I have an open price strategy which means that I believe everybody likes to know what they are going to pay before they commit to anything. We all like to get a deal whenever we can and the same goes here.

So if you have questions like:  How Much do Heating Engineers Charge?How much for a new boiler? or How much for a plumber to change a tap?, we have this covered in our open pricing policy!

We will always be straight forward with you and give you the best price we can whether that is a minimum rate or doing the job on a price rate.

I have a minimum per job fee of: £85 plus VAT.

As a business within the plumbing and heating industry, I quite often get asked what is the cost of a boiler installation?  Or, what is the cost of a full bathroom installation?

The reason why we struggle to give you a straight answer in terms of cost is that there are many variables that come with these types of works. For example, a new boiler Installation that is to be relocated is going to cost considerably more than one that is in the same position. Equally, on the bathroom installation, is the new suite being re-positioned or the amount of tiling to do can vary the cost dramatically, as well as so many other different variables.

I believe in being a 100% transparent with my pricing so that you will know exactly what you are paying before our engineers turn up to do the work.

I have put together a list of average costs for various different plumbing works which you can see below:

  • Changing taps, Small leaks, like for like radiator swaps, thermostat installation, boiler servicing, Gas safety certificates and many more


  • Swapping single sanitary ware items e.g. a toilet,  Changing a shower With alterations, Changing radiators Including draining the system ,  Boiler repair And many more


  •  Boiler installation like for like  combination boiler swap

From £2000.00

  •  Boiler installation system swap Standard boiler To combination boiler

From £3000

  •  Bathroom installation

From £2000.00