Why service your boiler?

Regular service and maintenance of your boiler is a must to keep you and your family safe aswell as keeping the boiler running efficiently resulting in saving you money ,it is also a requirement from boiler manufacturers to uphold the warranty.

What to expect?

Upon arrival at your property we will need access to your gas meter and your boiler if you have a hot water tank we will also need access to this, that should be the only areas we need access to.

The service should take no longer than an hour and any remedial work “if needed" will be discussed with you and agreed upon before commencing keeping you in control.

What is covered in the service?

All our boiler services are carried out to the highest standards we as standard carry out a water condition report which can be emailed directly to you, the main burner fully stripped and cleaned regardless of manufacturers instruction and flue gas analysis aswell as cleaning out the condensate ect(some companies just do the minimum within a service which could be as little as analysing the flue , visual inspection and fan flow test)

Boiler service reminders

Once you have booked your service you will be entered into our service reminder tool which will remind you when your service is due you can just follow a link and book again at that point

What areas do we cover?

As a small company covering the York area I am currently covering the following postcodes

YO1 / YO10 / YO19 / YO23 / YO24 / YO26 / YO30 / YO31 / YO32 / YO41

How do I book?

You simply CLICK HERE and fill in the details and your all set! I'll look forward to seeing you on the day and time you book, its as simple as that :)